As stated in the mission and vision of Zomi Christian Theological Seminary (ZCTS), degree programs are to equip Christian leaders to serve Christ and Church in the world, tuition fees are low and affordable. We care about your education and commitment, ZCTS, therefore, committed to helping you through the financial aid process. Please feel free to contact us.

Master of Arts (Ministry and Leadership) Tuition Fees:

$200.00 per credit hour

Thesis fees: $300.00

Doctor of Ministry Tuition Fees:

$300.00 per credit hour

Dissertation fees:  $500.00

*Tuition does not include textbook, workbook, or other reference reading materials.

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Financial Aid


Financial and educational costs are the primary responsibility of the student and sending Church(s) or organization(s).

Financial aid consists of funding provided through Zomi Baptist Churches of America that students can use to help cover educational expenses. This funding includes, partial financial assistance for tuition fees, food and lodging while students are on campus for the cohorts.

How to Apply?

  1. Receive admission to ZCTS.
  2. Fill out a free application form and submit to the Finance and Scholarship Office.

Who is eligible?

Generally, financial aid packages are determined on the basis of need and intended for students from ZBCA and its partners institutions.

There are limited scholarships available for students for none-ZBCA students.