Who We Are


Welcome to ZCTS

Zomi Christian Theological Seminary (ZCTS) is evangelical in tradition and ecumenical in service. ZCTS is an entity of the Zomi Baptist Churches of America (ZBCA).

Sia Pau Khai introducing the team

Message from the Academic Dean

Welcome to Zomi Christian Theological Seminary.

In discerning the call of God to participate in God’s redemptive activity in the world, the Zomi Christian Theological Seminary (ZCTS) is founded. The mission of the ZCTS is to invest all possible efforts to equip and empower Christians to serve Christ in today’s world. Serving Christ today means engaging and encountering today’s culture with the Gospel, which is participation in God’s redemptive activity in the world. This redemptive activity is incarnational; the word became flesh and made dwelling among us (John 1:14 NIV).

For this, ZCTS is committed to uphold the incarnation of the word, the wisdom of God, and explore God’s incarnational activity in today’s world to transform the world.


ZCTS’ Faculty and Staff are committed to Quality Education.

Degrees and programs are financially Affordable.

Degrees and programs are scheduled for the convenience of the students.

There is a great proportion between students and faculty.

To learn more about your commitment to participate in God’s redemptive activity, please review the contents of ZCTS website and contact me for helpful direction.

Rev. Go Van Mung, Th.D
Academic Dean